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701 Dieda Zhengtong Yaogao Plaster
Now available by the roll for custom fitting over wounds and afflicted aches. Use to relieve minor pains and bruising from martial arts, sports, trauma or injury.   Ingredients: Camphor ..
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Seaweed Extract or Hai Zao Wan
Treats benign masses in the neck, i.e. thyroid nodules and goiter. Can assist in the treatment of breast cysts, parotid adenomas, lipomas, sebaceous cysts, ovarian cysts and fibroids adenomas, lipomas..
Vita-BSB Tea
Vita's Blood Sugar Balance Tea may effectively control high blood sugar levels for early stage diabetics. All herbal, all natural with no caffeine. Ingredients: Toona Sinensis, Flos Chrysanthemi, G..
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Vita-Livr Tea
The liver is restored to balance and healthy metabolic function with a tea specifically formulated to address liver dysfunction brought on by overwork, fatigue, lack of necessary rest and formativ..
3 Days Cold Capsules
Treats wind invasion, cold and flu. Use as preventative during the first three days of symptoms.   ..
606 Specific Xiao Yan Wan
Abates viral and bacterial inflammation to clear internal heat and toxins affecting muscles and/or flesh and to disperse swelling.   Ingredients: Andrographis, Scutellaria, Wikstroemia..
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999 Cold Remedy Granular
Treats common symptoms associated with the common cold, hay fever, other upper respiratory allergies with minor aches and pain, nose, headache, itchy nose/throat, sneezing, watery eyes, sore throat, a..
AA16, Eucommia, Ligustrum, Drynaria Complex
For lower extremities. Treats chronic nerve pain, dispelling wind damp, wind-damp-cold bi syndrome, clearing obstruction of channels and blood stasis, tonifying yang, addressing deficient kidney,..
Aloe Capsule
Aloe as daily supplement enhances skin appearance, improving conditions like melasma, psoriasis, acne; improves blood circulation to bolster wound healing while preventing cell death around the wound...
American Windsor Ginseng Tea
Tea bags containing highest grade ginseng, panax quinquefolius. Windsor tea contains double the rb ginsenosides of Korean ginseng. Use for general health improvement, recharging immune system. Theurap..
An Mien Pien
Sustainable alternative to sleeping pills. Use for insomnia due to heat or congestion in the liver, with agitation to the heart and mind resulting in anxiety, mental exhaustion, red irritated eyes, re..
An Shen Bu Xin Wan
Relieves obstructed blood channels to strengthen the heart while tonifying blood in the heart and revitalizing the kidney passages. Symptoms of weakness in the kidneys and heart include dizziness, ins..
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